When master Aromatherapist Henrietta Cassar began to formulate bespoke oils for her clients, the intention was clear: to deliver the purest essential oils available anywhere in truly therapeutic amounts, hand poured in sustainable packaging that would protect the integrity of the precious oils – and to deliver them with Love.

Henri’s passion for essential oils has grown during the fifteen years she has used the power of natural oils to heal and transform bodies, minds and senses. Anchored in science, Love Henri encompasses the key principles of aromatherapy whilst setting new standards of efficacy with the highest possible percentages of essential oils that are the heart and soul of Love Henri.

As a therapist Henri is informed by her love of both the ocean and of the dispensary - by her exceptional knowledge base and her healing hands.  From Henri’s essential Muscle Therapy Oil to the luxurious Sandalwood candle, this is an extraordinary treatment line created by her, for you with Love.

“I wanted to create a line that would harness the power of my essential oils and a little bit of my therapeutic magic for everybody in a chic little amber glass bottle.”

Henrietta Cassar